Service & Support

Performance Guaranteed

With an experience of 40 years ENGENT is fully aware of what a stoppage of even a few hours means to your production and the specific pressure placed on your machines, parts and spares everyday to meet production deadlines. We understand how important is the quality of the parts that needs to be serviced and fitted in your specialized machinery. We pride ourselves on serving the mining, defense, energy and production industries being completely confident that our manufactured/supplied parts performs 100% as they pass strict quality checks & guidelines and are delivered at reasonable cost and in a time efficient manner.

We follow Total Quality Management (TQM), which is an approach that seeks to improve quality and performance which will meet or exceed customer expectations. This is achieved by integrating all quality-related technology advancement and processes throughout the company, where, quality is defined by customers' requirements and is increased by systematic analysis and improvement of work processes.

Specialized Centrifugal Casting

With the following amazing advantages centrifugally casted products improves your machines’ performance and life :

Our specifications in centrifugal casting :

Research & Development

Our company also focuses on research and development for complex products, new designs and many import substitutes such as Globoidal Worm Wheel and Pinion, Final Drive Gear and Pinion, Socket Liner, Outer Bush and Eccentric Bush, Magnatorque Fan and Assembly.

Sales (Domestic & Global)

Domestic Reach : In India, our major customers are all subsidiaries of Coal India Limited, Indian Ordnance Factories, National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited, Steel Authority of India Limited, many more PSUs and other private companies.

Global Reach : We are regularly exporting spares to USA, UAE, Western Australia, South Africa, South America, China, Russia, Germany & other parts of the world.

Social Responsibilities

Our employees’ experience and strength are the drivers of EngEnt’s success. So, safety of our people is our company’s key priority. We are committed to embedding a culture of safety within the company and aim to develop a workplace in which risk to health is minimized. This is achieved by continuously increasing safety awareness throughout the company and implementing policies, procedures and guidelines to measure progress towards zero harm objectives. All the required tool kit, protective gears and proper fitments are provided to the employees for their security.

Also, we are committed to operating in a manner which promotes community engagement and sustainability. We operate with the philosophy that a small amount of money spent wisely can produce far-reaching social and economic benefits. Through the adoption of a localization model, we nurture local talent. Engineering Enterprises is an environment-friendly company focusing on maximum resource utilization. ENGENT has been active in various welfare projects in India as well as across the world.